A New Company with a Deep Foundation

Leakage%20powerAlthough the performance increase of conventional computing has been spectacular, there is a natural limit to the miniaturization of the conventional transistor technology.  Moore’s law states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. This has held surprisingly well for almost half a century, but is now coming to an end. At the current integration density, modern chips are already beset with problematic quantum effects. For instance, due to the wave-particle duality, electrons are no longer perfectly constrained by insulators, if the gap is sufficiently small. This is the cause of leak currents which are now dominating a modern CPU’s power loss.

Quantum computing devices, on the other hand, leverage counterintuitive properties such as entanglement that can make for superior computational performance.

Rather than fighting the wave properties that emerge on this scale, this new computing paradigm embraces them, and uses quantum bits (qubits) as the smallest fundamental element for calculations.  The wavefunction that describes them can be any superposition of the |0> or |1> state, and by exploiting quantum interference, this can make for superior computational performance.

Finding such efficient quantum algorithms has proven very difficult, and has little in common with the programming of conventional computers. That is why, to date, only a limited number of quantum algorithms (such as Shor factorization) have been proven to vastly outperform the best classical ones.

Bloch sphereThanks to the decades long research activity of our co-founder Robert R. Tucci, our company artiste-qb.net has the distinct advantage of already starting out with a sizable quantum algorithm portfolio and proof-of-concept software.

Building on this legacy, our mission is to help our customers make sense of emerging quantum computing resources, and to develop superior quantum information software that provides customers with the ultimate optimal solution to R&D challenges and quantifiable business problems.