Quantum Algorithms that make a Difference

The most famous quantum algorithm developed by Peter Shor is a one-trick pony when it comes to applicability. There are not many use cases for it, other than cracking the most widely used encryption schemes. This is an exciting prospect for law enforcement and defense purposes, but hardly business relevant outside this niche.

The research purpose of our company is to focus on algorithms that have vast technological implications, and are used in many fields, such as:

  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations (MCMC).
  • Quantum Computing Development Tools
  • Quantum Chemistry

Unlike the other two areas, Quantum Chemistry is industry specific. Yet, the overall benefit from progress in this area will be wide-spread, and cut across many industries.

It is not uncommon to read statements like this in publications that explore how this field can benefit from quantum computing:

… the technological benefits of quantum chemistry simulations are rich: For example, finding better catalysts to be used in many industrial-scale chemical processes – even including very basic processes, such as nitrogen fixation – has challenged researchers for decades.
(M. Troyer et al.)

We believe that this will be one of the early success stories of this new computing paradigm.  Our efforts will be directed at quantifying and leveraging the evolving capabilities of quantum computing hardware, starting with the currently available systems that perform quantum annealing (QA).